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Christian E. Jacob: Advanced Analog-to-Digital Converter (A2DC) for the Analog-Digital-Microprocessor (ADµP®) with Variable Sampling Step Size

The Dao De Jing of Laozi

Carlos O. Santacruz: The Zen of Jesus Christ: Discerning the Kingdom of The Tao with The Dragon Eye of Zen

Martijn Linssen: The good message according to Thomas - Interactive Coptic-English translation

Prophet Muhammad: Order of Origination of the Qur’an

Hildegard von Bingen-Acts: Headlines of Volumes 1 und 6

Dennis Des Chene: Eternal truths and the laws of nature

Karl Marx und Friedrich Engels: Draft Communist Creed

Helmuth Fellner: The Concept of Freedom in Karl Marx

Johannes Nichelmann: The Missing Tapes of the Politburo

Klaus-Dieter Baumgarten - Closing statement of a defendant in court

Ingo Elbe: From Proprietor to Proprietary - Natural law, social contract and state in the outthink of John Lockes

Eva Soyah: Evangelism of Socialism and Communist Freedom

Béla Pokol: Artificial Intelligence - The Emergence of a New Layer of Being?

Christian E. Jacob: Logbook of Artificial Intelligence

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